More storage capacity for maritime environmental services

Nature Group Martens Renewables is expanding its storage capacity by more than 2,000 m3. The tanks are used for recycling waste oil.

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Project C-Concrete

A total solution for C-Concrete thanks to a sumposite silo tailored to specific needs, including weighing cells and a reading unit.

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Project: Cibus Leievoeders

A valuable challenge as the setup had to be partly indoors and partly outdoors, combined with a cylinder transit through the roof.

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New storage tanks for cleaning products

In collaboration with Pipexperts, MIP has installed two storage tanks at the new Nerta factory, with Pilar providing the tank engineering.

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Logo VTTI Bio Energy Tilburg

Project: VTTI Bio Energy Tilburg

In close cooperation with partner BiogasPlus, M.I.P. has delivered 16 storage tanks of various sizes for the storage of various substances.

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Logo Solvay

Project: Solvay

Our expertise was called in to replace damaged sodium bicarbonate silos with sustainable, safe storage silos at Solvay in Germany.

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12 composite storage tanks in the port of Antwerp

Recently, M.I.P. delivered 12 GRP (composite) storage tanks to MTD Maritime Services & Port Reception Facility, located in the port of Antwerp.

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Logo Palamatic

Project: Palamatic

M.I.P. recently installed and mounted two GRP silos in Saint-Étienne (France) for system integrator Palamatic.

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Logo La Scea Caux Porc

Project: La Scea Caux Porc

La Scea Caux Porc in Normandy has invested in 4 x 50m3 polyester tanks from M.I.P. for the storage of its animal feed.

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Logo Brasserie du Pays Flamand

Project: Brasserie du Pays Flamand

The French brewer Brasserie Du Pays Flamand has expanded its malt storage with 2 new GRP silos of 60m³.

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Logo Ebema

Project: Ebema

We supplied a complete turnkey silo and tank installation for a loyal customer in the construction sector in Belgium.

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Logo Proef Brouwerij

Extra narrow silos for the Andelot experimental brewery in Lochristi

M.I.P. fabricated 9 narrow, high silos for a pilot brewery in Lochristi (BE). 


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Logo Jodoco

Project: Jodoco

M.I.P. supplied 6 tanks (450m³ each) 25 meters high and 5 meters in diameter for the storage of betaine.

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Logo Biscuiterie Thijs

Project: Biscuiterie Thijs

For Biscuiterie Thijs in Weelde, M.I.P. recently delivered a 65m³ composite food grade silo for the storage of baker's flour.

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Logo Belco

Project: Belco Motor Oil

Belco Motor Oil gave M.I.P. the order to supply 3 double-walled 70m³ flat bottom tanks of 3 meters in diameter for the storage of motor oil.

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Logo Pomuni

Project: Pomuni

For one of its clients in the potato processing sector, M.I.P. supplied 2 composite tanks of 250m³ each.

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Logo Desotec

Project: Desotec

For Desotec in Roeselare, M.I.P. a chimney of 30 m high, with a diameter of 1.2 m.

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Logo Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer

2 salt silos for Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer (Puurs - BE)

M.I.P. deliverd 2 x 75m³ GRP (composite) salt silos for Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer District Puurs.

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Logo Döpik

Project: Döpik

M.I.P. supplied a wood pellet silo to store fuel for pellet heating.

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Project: Sidra

M.I.P. was allowed to deliver 2 tanks of 263m³ each and a diameter of 4 meters to a customer in the chemical sector.

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4 silos for Raiffeisenagrar Ankum

M.I.P. was assigned to supply 4 silos for the storage of grain and semolina by the company AWILA Anlagenbau GmbH and to install them for the end customer Raiffeisenagrar Ankum.

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Project: Soepenberg

M.I.P was commissioned by SF Soepenberg GmbH for the Hünxe site to supply 8 storage tanks with a net volume of 786m³

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Logo Rudersberg

Project: Rudersberg

The 125m³ salt silo for Rudersberg in Germany is characterized by being placed on a trestle construction.

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Project: EDM Béton

Last month, EDM Béton installed two new silos with a storage capacity of 63m³ at one of its customers.

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A composite silo for the storage of a powder product

M.I.P. has delivered this summer a composite silo 60m³ diameter 3.000 mm for the storage of a powder product in France.

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Silo for the storage of malt

M.I.P. recently delivered a silo on a skirt with a diameter of 2.80 m and a volume of 50 m³ at Brasserie de Sutter in Gisors.

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Project: Cooperstandard

For the Cooperstandard company, M.I.P. Replaced 3 silos of 80m³ and Ø3,000mm in Normandy (France).

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Project: Intracoat

M.I.P. delivered a new silo of 25m³ and a diameter of 2.8 meters for the storage of silver sand.

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Project: Sibelco

For the world market leader in processed raw materials Sibelco, M.I.P. received the order for the manufacture and installation of three silos, including a trestle construction.

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Project: Stoter Beton

M.I.P. was allowed to supply a new 50m³ - Ø2.8 meters of GRP cement silo to Stoter Beton.

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Project: KTM

Delivery of 12 convex bottom tanks with a volume of 35.5m³ and a diameter of 2,800mm.

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Project: Lubrizol

M.I.P. has been able to supply 2 composite skirt silos of 92m³ - Ø 2,800mm at Lubrizol Advanced Materials Resin in Chemiepark Delfzijl.

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Logo Bonda

Project: Bonda

At animal feed manufacturer Bonda, M.I.P. 9 tanks with a capacity of 300m³ and 4.000mm diameter delivered.

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Project: CJ Logistics

2 composite tanks with both a capacity of 1,000 m³ and a diameter of 8.5 meters for CJ Logistics.

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Logo Jonker Petfood

Project: Jonker Petfood

In 2017, M.I.P. provided an extension to the silo storage capacity at Jonker Petfood.

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Project: Lolaar Spuitgiettechniek

In 2017, M.I.P. was allowed to supply 5 silos to Lolaar Spuitgiettechniek for the storage of PP granules.

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M.I.P. supplied silos for Huijbregts Groep

M.I.P. has delivered 2 silos with a total of 80m³ to Huijbregts Groep in Helmond.

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Project: Besix

At WWTP Tiel, M.I.P. may supply 3 special (insulated) tanks via Besix.

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Project Boers Riooltechniek

Boers was looking for a sustainable storage option for various wastewaters for his new location.

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Project: Groot Zevert Vergisting

For this process, M.I.P. asked to supply 3 tanks of 150m³ and a diameter of 4 meters.

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Logo Host

Project: HoSt

For this project in Sint Oedenrode, M.I.P. 4 tanks.

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Logo Gemeente Zwijndrecht

M.I.P. supplies salt silo to Dutch municipality

Delivery of a magnificent construction, in which a de-icing salt silo of 140m³ - Ø 4,000mm in diameter on a trestle construction is covered on all sides with expanded metal.

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Logo Casteleyn

Project: Casteleyn

Over the past year and a half, M.I.P. delivered 4 composite silos at Casteleyn T.R.S. in Meulebeke for the storage of lime and cement

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Logo HES

Project: HHTT

6 pieces of horizontal double-walled composite tanks with a volume of 25m3 each for the storage of motor fuel additives.

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Logo Bio8

Project: Bio8

M.I.P. supplies flat bottom tanks with a diameter of 3,500mm and a storage volume of 79m³ for the storage of raw materials.

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Logo Duyck

Project: Brouwerij Duyck

M.I.P. has been able to install a very nice installation for the Duyck brewery in the north of France.

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Logo Brouwerij Des Pyrénées

Project: Brewery Des Pyrénées

M.I.P. has supplied a silo on skirt in composite for a brewery in southwestern France.

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Project: Colsen - Bidox

For the Colsen company, M.I.P. a long-term partner for the supply of, among other things, their Bidox tanks.

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Logo Ecofuels

Project: Ecofuels

Ecofuels chose M.I.P. in their search for sustainable storage systems for their raw materials.

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Logo Gemeente Wijchen

Project: City Wijchen

In the Netherlands, M.I.P. a 50m³ composite flat bottom tank for the storage of brine.

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Biodiesel tank

A second 2,160 m³ insulated tank with a diameter of 12 meters to store biodiesel for Ecofuels. Read our full reference.

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Logo Suez

Project: SUEZ

M.I.P. supplied 2 conical tanks for the storage of bio-waste for SUEZ.

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