Project: Soepenberg

Hünxe (GE)

M.I.P was commissioned by SF Soepenberg GmbH for the Hünxe site to supply 8 storage tanks with a net volume of 786m³ each for the storage of various products (with a maximum specific weight of 1,400kg/m³, e.g. fertilizers).

The transport route was very complex, as the tanks were first shipped by ship to a quay far away from the customer, where they were stored and later transported by road to the customer about another 5 km by heavy transport.

M.I.P. has solved the task completely to the complete satisfaction of the customer, so that 4 additional tanks of 786m³ have been ordered at the moment. All tanks have a diameter of 8 meters and a height of almost 18 meters. In addition, the tanks are equipped with a walkway for inspection.

Richard Gommers

Industry & agriculture
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