Are you looking for durable storage systems for the storage of moisture-sensitive solids? M.I.P. designs and produces silos in composite (or glass fiber reinforced plastic GRP) up to a volume of 1,500 m3 and a diameter of no less than 9 meters. With these dimensions, we are proud to offer the largest composite volumes available in Europe.


Silo construction

In silo construction, not only the product and the product properties are taken into account, but also the environmental factors. Do you want to install a large silo outside? Or are you looking for several small silos for indoor use? Every company or customer has its own wishes. Each composite silo is therefore completely custom-made.

Our silos are suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Building material silos: extremely suitable for the storage of various building materials, of which it is essential that they remain dry and therefore do not harden.
  • Food silos: thanks to a specially selected resin with GMP food approval, our silos are suitable for the storage of foodstuffs such as flour, flour, sugar or malt.

Of course we offer solutions for more industries than are written above.

Why plastic or polyester silos?

Silos can be built in different materials such as concrete, stainless steel, aluminum or steel. At M.I.P. we only produce silos in glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). GRP consists of a combination of polyester, resin & fiberglass.

Why do we use composite as a building material for our silos? When resin is cured, it is resistant to chemicals and various weather conditions. We would like to explain a few other advantages:

  • Corrosion Resistant & Maintenance Free: Composite is, unlike other metals, impermeable to water, gases & vapours. Because the material does not rust, composite storage systems require almost no maintenance.
  • Free design: composite systems & accessories are produced on molds, which means that they can be manufactured in any shape or design.
  • Insensitive to condensation: due to its high thermal insulation value, silos in composite are less sensitive to condensation. This ensures product quality.

Buy a silo for your company?

If you buy a silo from M.I.P. you can be assured of high quality. We supervise every project from design and engineering to delivery and installation. In addition, we guarantee a fast delivery.

Have you seen a silo in our references that also applies to your company? Request a quote without obligation. Would you like to take a look at the possibilities for a tailor-made silo? Feel free to contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you.