Silos for foodstuffs

  • Specific migration tests
  • Mirror-smooth inner walls
  • Less condensation


In the production or processing of foodstuffs, a wide range of raw materials are processed. It goes without saying that particularly strict rules apply to the storage of foodstuffs.

Especially for the food industry, M.I.P. designs and builds tanks & silos in composite that meet the highest standards in the sector.

Polyester resin with GMP food approval

Polyester or composite silos & tanks are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic in a spray wrapping system. GRP consists of a combination of polyester, resin & fiberglass.

We use specially selected resins with GMP food approval for our food silos and tanks. In addition, we also use the research department of AOC (formerly Aliancys) to perform specialized migration tests on our silos and tanks. This way we always know for sure that our storage systems meet the most important European standards.

Tanks and silos can be offered Food grade, additionally with Kosher/Halal certificate.

Foodgrade rinse water tanks Food grade storage tanks and silos
Bakery flour silo Silo food industry
Food silo Silos for flour, salt or sugar
Foodstuffs storage Grain silo

Suitable for various foodstuffs

Because we build our food silos and tanks with composite, they have a high insulation value and are quasi insensitive to condensation. This keeps the stored food dry and prevents them from clumping or rotting. This property, in combination with a seamless and very smooth inner wall, guarantees a problem-free and smooth product outflow.

M.I.P. already supplied various storage systems for moisture-sensitive foodstuffs such as:

  • Flour silo
  • Sugar silo
  • Coffee silo
  • Malt silo
  • ...

More information?

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