Winter servicing

A smooth winter service requires a well-equipped salt or brine infrastructure. M.I.P. has, together with its exclusive partner Holten, an integrated and fully automated brine installation solution where gritters can be loaded quickly and easily.

The installation consists of three components: a salt silo, a salt dissolver and a brine storage tank. Dry salt is stored in the salt silo. If desired, the salt is pumped to the salt dissolver where it forms brine mixed with water.

The spreader can refuel directly on this brine tank. With surplus, the remaining brine flows into a brine storage tank. The integrated system ensures a fast, efficient and flexible way of working.

Naturally, the salt silo, the salt dissolver and the extra storage tank can also be ordered separately and can be used in existing installations.

The turn-key brine system of M.I.P./ Holten offers clear advantages for winter services:

  • Can be used immediately.
  • Easy to operate, with automatic control of the salt concentration.
  • Independence from brine suppliers since you make brine yourself.
  • Great cost savings as homemade brine is up to half the price.
  • Very user-friendly, comparable to “refueling fuel”.

M.I.P. and Holten have unique know-how in salt silos, brine storage tanks and salt dissolvers for brine installations.