Salt silos

A fibre-glass reinforced salt silo has an ideal product outflow thanks to their seamless construction and very smooth walls. Composite is absolutely ideal for storing salt due to its chemical resistance. Moreover, the high thermal insulation value means that the silos are hardly condensation-proof so the salt doesn’t harden.

  • M.I.P. salt silos are supplied as standard with a screwed top filling pipe, a PVC ventilation pipe, and a manual valve at head height for loading the gritting truck. Our silos can be equipped with galvanised drive-through constructions for trucks, cage ladders, walking grills, and safety landings.

    Optionally, we can also install related products such as manholes, filter and weighing systems, and mortars.

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    M.I.P. and Holten have unique know-how with regard to salt silos, brine storage tanks and salt dissolvers for brine installations. Feel free to request a quote.


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