Storage of building materials

  • No rusting
  • Less condensation


Want to make work on the construction site more efficient from now on? M.I.P. builds composite storage systems such as tanks & silos for the storage of various building materials.

Our silos for construction projects reduce manual labor and offer a large storage capacity. Dosing the cement is faster and ensures maximum time savings. In addition, all raw materials can be precisely measured, avoiding wastage.

We build tanks and silos for companies in every niche of the construction industry.

High insulation value & insensitive to condensation

Because we only work with composite as a material, our building material silos have a high insulation value and are quasi insensitive to condensation. It is therefore essential for materials such as cement, lime and fly ash that they are stored dry so that they do not harden. If necessary, we also provide additional measures to dehumidify stored substances or materials and to guarantee optimal storage.

The above, strong properties, combined with a seamless and smooth inner wall, ensures a problem-free and smooth product outflow.

An additional advantage of our composite cement silos is that they are lightweight. For example, the silos can easily be placed on a low or high steel construction and they can possibly serve as a mobile concrete plant.

Composite storage tanks for building materials Sustainable cement silos with (waste)water tank
Construction storage tanks Concrete silo
GRP cement silo Construction storage tanks
Polyester silos including trestle construction Building materials storage

Storage of cement, concrete or quicklime?

For the storage of abrasive substances such as sand, gravel, quicklime and minerals, we ensure that the silo has a wear-resistant inner layer.

Our building material silos are suitable for the storage of, among other things:

  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Quicklime
  • Specie
  • Mortar
  • Silver sand
  • Bentonite
  • ...

Custom cement silo?

Are you looking for a suitable storage system for your building materials? Our silos are available with a volume of 10 to 1,500 m3. Do you need a bigger content? No problem. At M.I.P. all storage systems are custom-built for the customer. Our team guarantees fast delivery and accompanies every project from design and engineering to delivery and installation.


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