75m³ silo for the storage of additives type II

75 m³
Temse (BE)
Prefab betonelementen en wapeningsstaal

C-Concrete, part of the Cordeel Group, specializes in the production of prefab concrete elements and reinforcing steel. For the branch in Temse, M.I.P. recently delivered a 75m³ silo for the storage of type II additives. Naturally, the silo was equipped with all the necessary accessories, such as a dust filter and combined over-pressure valve.

Since the customer wanted a total solution, a collaboration was entered into with one of its partners: Bulk Processing Systems (BPS) for screw transport and silo weighing. The advanced extraction and conveying screws supplied by them, which meet the strictest industry standards, guarantee efficient production to the customer. The screw conveyor had to be connected to an existing installation. It was therefore important that everything had to be measured perfectly in advance and everything had to be drawn out in Solidworks afterwards. The weighing cells and associated readout unit supplied by BPS guarantee perfect silo weighing.

The red topcoat ensures a nice match with the existing buildings. The silo was placed on a trestle construction so that site traffic is not compromised.

C-Concrete has a beautiful total solution!

Richard Gommers

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