Composite storage systems

M.I.P is the leading supplier of sustainable storage systems in composite (glass fiber reinforced plastic, GRP). We offer total solutions for the storage of complex liquids and moisture-sensitive solids.


The benefits of composite

Why use composite as a building material for storage systems? Composite has a number of properties that offer clear advantages over traditional materials such as concrete, aluminum, steel and stainless steel.


Corrosion resistant

Composite does not rust or corrode like steel and other metals. It is impervious to water, vapours and gases and is resistant to most chemicals. Where necessary, different types of liners are available, which can make the composite tank resistant to the full range of aggressive chemicals.

Light weight

Composite is about 60-75 % lighter than steel, but is many times stronger. The glass resin ratio produces a light material, which has extremely high stiffness and tensile strength and is capable of withstanding high impact weights. Moreover, the lighter weight considerably reduces the transport and installation costs. We make the tank or silo in our factory complete, so that the installation time can stay very short.

Almost no maintenance

Because composite does not rust, the tanks or silos in composite need hardly any maintenance, apart from conventional cleaning. Thanks to their UV resistant coating, the tanks and silos also do not require periodic painting and withstand the effects of the weather well.

Impact proof

In contrast to steel, thanks to its advanced elastic properties, composite returns to its original shape following impact. Tests have shown that composite resists a greater, blunt, impact without lasting deformation.

No high installation costs

Composite is light so that a simple crane truck is usually sufficient for unloading and siting. This can save on transport and installation costs considerably. Furthermore, composite requires no specialist cutting and welding equipment and can usually be installed using basic tools. The installation time is short, because everything is pre-installed in the factory.

Insensitive to condensation

The high thermal insulation value makes composite silos less sensitive to condensation forming on inner or outer wall. This means that foodstuffs and animal feed will not tend to rot and that building materials like cement will not harden and become lumpy in the silo. This guarantees product quality and perfect product outflow. Wherever moisture and condensation affects the product, we have additional solutions to prevent moisture forming.

Excellent temperature performance

Composite is resistant to continuous temperatures of 60-100 °C, while retaining the full structural integrity of the tank or silo.

Free in its shaping

Composite storage systems, chimneys and pipes are produced on moulds and can therefore be fabricated in any shape or design. In addition, composite can be modelled manually in any shape and adapted during its service life too. New applications are being developed daily!

Composite is the material of the future

Your partner in composite storage systems

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