Corrosion resistant chemical storage

  • High chemical resistance
  • Good insulation value
  • Light in weight


For the chemical industry, M.I.P. makes corrosion resistant storage systems such as storage & process tanks. For this we always use composite (or glass fiber reinforced plastic). Composite does not rust or corrode like steel or other metals. It is also impermeable to water, vapors & gases and is resistant to most chemicals. Composite is therefore pre-eminently the most suitable material for the chemical storage of hazardous and harmful substances.

In the chemical sector, it is extremely important to handle (harmful) materials and raw materials with care. We therefore always prioritize health, environment and safety when developing and building our storage systems.

We build tanks and silos for companies in every niche of the chemical industry. Some examples of industries where our tanks are used are the cleaning industry, the chlorine industry and the fertilizer industry.

Storage of hazardous & flammable substances

Our corrosion resistant storage systems are suitable for the storage or processing of hazardous, combustible and flammable raw materials such as:

  • Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid en nitric acid
  • Caustic soda and hypochlorite
  • Chloride, bromide and fluoride salts, like sodium chloride and iron chloride
  • Sulfates, sulfites en phosphates
  • Formic acid
  • Citric acid
  • Fertiliser
  • Carbon

Chemical cleaning products

Even if chemical substances are not stored, but used as cleaning products or disinfectant, composite offers the desired chemical resistance. It may then be necessary to add a special resin or composite inner layer (liner).

The right resin or fiberglass for your product

To make our storage systems as safe and environmentally friendly as possible, we always focus on sustainability.

With our many years of experience and accumulated expertise, we advise you on the right resins and glass fibers for your specific application or chemical products and substances to be stored. For special applications, we also make use of the research facilities and technical expertise of resin producer AOC (formerly Aliancys).

Regardless of the application, we always guarantee the best and most durable storage system with the best chemical resistance. In addition, at M.I.P. over two large production halls in Belgium & the Netherlands where we can build all our storage systems on the desired scale.

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