Storage of plastic granulate and thermosets

  • Less condensation
  • Good outflow properties
  • No contamination


At M.I.P. we build and develop sustainable granulate silos in composite. These can be used for the storage of various plastic granulates and thermosets.

Composite granulate silos

Our granulate silos are always made of composite, the most suitable material for building storage systems. The composite ensures a smooth inner wall, a high insulation value and corrosion resistance of the silos. These properties are all essential for safe and sustainable storage of synthetic products/substances such as plastic granules.

In addition to being a strong material, composite is also a light material, which makes our granulate silos much more mobile. If several small silos are needed, they are easier to move. Furthermore, composite also offers many advantages for the general construction and placement of the silos. Here we can also provide the silos with additional weighing and dosing installations and transport systems.

Plastic pellet storage silo Composite silo storage system
Silo plastic pellets Storage of synthetic products
Storage plastics industry Silos plastic granules
Silos for the storage of PP granules Composite silo with weighing and dosing installation

Suitable for plastic granulates

Thermosets remain hard when heated. Our granulate silos are used, among other things, for the storage of:

  • PP
  • PE
  • PVC
  • ABS
  • PET
  • Polyester


Tailor-made silo for the plastics industry?

We can build our granulate silos on any scale, with a storage capacity of 10 to 1.500 m³. Do you need matching accessories such as weighing & dosing installations? That too is possible. Our team guarantees fast delivery and accompanies every project from design and engineering to delivery and installation.

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Project: Lubrizol

M.I.P. has been able to supply 2 composite skirt silos of 92m³ - Ø 2,800mm at Lubrizol Advanced Materials Resin in Chemiepark Delfzijl.

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