Design & engineering

M.I.P. is the partner to think along with you from the design and engineering phase. Our engineers are specialists in storage technology and can help you make the right choices for storing your valuable materials. To that end, M.I.P. also collaborates closely with its raw material suppliers, so that the best selection can be made for your application every time.

Our designers understand strength and allow for the surroundings where your tank or silo needs to be sited: wind strength, sea air or sensitivity to shock. They prepare working drawings, manage the dossier for the supervisory bodies and ensure the quality of the finished product.

Our design team cooperates closely with you as customer and with any architects and engineers involved. It is precisely that approach that results in better designed, better fabricated and better functioning storage systems.

Your partner in composite storage systems

Are you looking for a custom solution for the sustainable & safe bulk storage of your complex liquids or moisture-sensitive solids? Request a free quote. We are happy to help you.