Storage and treatment of industrial wastewater and other environmental applications

  • Chemical resistance
  • No rusting
  • Low CO2 footprint


For the environmental sector, M.I.P. makes corrosion resistant tanks & silos. For this we always use composite (or glass fiber reinforced plastic). Environmental applications often require the storage, processing or purification of hazardous chemicals and hazardous substances. Composite offers the right chemical resistance for this and ensures that they do not corrode.

In the environmental domain, M.I.P. has already built up a strong reputation, for example as an exclusive producer for Polytec's biofilters. These are biological deodorization towers that are mainly used in sludge drying installations.

We build tanks and silos for companies in every niche of the environmental sector.

Suitable for various environmental techniques

M.I.P. already implemented strong and durable storage systems in various environmental applications. For example, they are used for:

  • (Waste)water processing, -purification and -storage
  • Air treatment
  • Flue gas outlet
  • Manure processing
  • Biological waste processing 
  • Storage of auxiliary materials such as ferric chloride, caustic soda and hydrochloric acid

Furthermore, our tanks are also used as scrubbers. Each scrubber is custom-made and is designed for a specific application in the production process, for a specific flow rate or type of pollutant. Our tanks are also used for lava filters.

Insulated tanks for residual and wastewater Insulated hot water tanks
M.I.P. Silos & Tanks Tanks and silos GRP polyester
Industrial water storage tanks Waste water storage & treatment
Glycerin tanks Environmental silos & storage tanks

Need extra pipe material?

You can also contact M.I.P. for accessories and pipe material justly. Do you need a flue, pipeline or chimney? We supply these for all new or existing installations.

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