Biodiesel tank

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Now that the petrochemical industry is becoming more and more convinced and seeing that composite (glass fiber reinforced plastic) tanks offer better quality and resistance for the storage of their products, the number of orders is increasing sharply.

One of the first customers of M.I.P. Megasolutions was a company that produces high-quality biofuels purely based on used fats. This company bought, among other things, a 2,160 m³ insulated tank with a diameter of 12 meters to store biodiesel. The tank was equipped with heating coils and insulation to keep the medium at a temperature of 80ºC .

Compared to its current insulated tanks that are made of stainless steel, the customer sees great savings in terms of the insulation value of the composite.

Soon M.I.P. supply a 2nd tank of 2,160 m³. We are proud of this partnership!

Richard Gommers

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