M.I.P. supplies 16 storage tanks for VTTI Bio Energy Tilburg

5.2m³ to 200m³
Tilburg (NL)

In close cooperation with partner BiogasPlus, M.I.P. has delivered 16 storage tanks of various sizes for the storage of various substances, including (liquid) digestate, ammonium sulfate solution, caustic soda, rinsing and process water, anti-foam.

The project includes tanks of various sizes, ranging from 5.2m³ - Ø1,500mm, 50m³ - Ø3,500mm to 100/200m³ - Ø5,000mm. Almost all tanks are equipped with a circumferential platform and a cage ladder for easy access, some tanks are also equipped with an agitator.

Extensive advisory consultations were held to determine the required specifications and design of the tanks. The logistics of the project is a great challenge in itself. The delivery of the tanks to the site must take place by water as well as by road. The transport has been carefully prepared in close cooperation with transporter Van Riel.

BiogasPlus helped to finalize the agreements and therefore the contract with the transporter Van Riel. This project again emphasizes the position of M.I.P. as the partner for safe and efficient composite storage options.

Richard Gommers

Industry & agriculture
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