Replacement of sodium bicarbonate silos

170m³ to 230m³
Rheinberg (DE)
Sodium bicarbonate

We are pleased to present the successful project at the food/pharmaceutical plant in Germany. With our extensive portfolio of industrial solutions and expertise in composite storage capabilities, we have helped replace damaged sodium bicarbonate silos. This article takes you through the challenges of the project, the innovative approach of M.I.P. and the benefits of our custom composite constructions.

The customer's challenge

Our client faced a critical storage problem at their manufacturing facility. The reaction of moisture, sodium bicarbonate and high temperature damaged the liners of their silos. The need to replace 4 silos (ranging from 170m³ to 230m³) with a food grade resin was essential to ensure product quality. Our client turned to M.I.P., a trusted partner who had previously completed successful projects for them.

The solution of M.I.P.

We started with a thorough analysis of the situation and applied reverse engineering to map out the existing silos. We then carefully designed and manufactured the silos using our advanced composite technology. The use of food grade resins, for which M.I.P. is certified, ensured that the requirements were met.

A special aspect of this project was the need for seamless integration of the new silos into the existing steel construction in the factory building. This required careful tuning of the outer diameter and other critical dimensions. Using 3D designs and static calculations, M.I.P. optimized the efficiency and sustainability of the silos.

Logistical challenges and customer focus

The success of this project was partly made possible by our focus on customer satisfaction. Through excellent communication and proactive anticipation of any obstacles, we ensured that the project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client.

Moreover, the customer was unburdened by M.I.P.'s range of temporary storage facilities for the old silos. M.I.P. is proud to have played a major role in solving this storage challenge. The project illustrates our technical expertise, custom solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction. With our custom composite structures, we continue to transform the industry and strive to create a sustainable future together with our customers.

Richard Gommers

Industry & agriculture
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