12 composite storage tanks in the port of Antwerp

8 x 35m³ and 4 x 100 m³
Antwerp (BE)
Maritime and industrial waste streams

Recently, M.I.P. delivered 12 GRP (composite) storage tanks to MTD Maritime Services & Port Reception Facility, located in the port of Antwerp. These tanks are an essential part of their new installation for the reception and transfer of maritime and industrial waste streams.

What makes these storage tanks so special? First of all, they are specially designed to guarantee perfect drainage, thanks to their conical shape (60°). The cylindrical part of the tanks is provided with a 50 mm thick PUR layer, which not only serves as insulation, but also as a splash guard. To ensure seamless access to the different tanks, they are all connected by ladders and connecting platforms. It is also good to know that all 12 tanks meet the strict Vlarem guidelines and have been successfully inspected by a recognized Notified Body.

This collaboration between M.I.P. and M.T.D. Maritime Services is not new. In 2018 we already delivered 4 conical storage tanks (70m³) for a similar application. Confidence in our composite solutions and our expertise has led to this new collaboration.

Richard Gommers

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Composite storage tanks in the Port of Antwerp

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