Silos for silicon storage

60 m³
Saint-Étienne (FR)

M.I.P. recently installed and mounted two GRP silos in Saint-Étienne (France) for system integrator Palamatic.

With a capacity of 60 m³ and a diameter of 2800 mm, these silos are designed for the storage of silicon. Furthermore, the silos are equipped with a filter, vibrating floor, level measurement, cage ladder and a top platform/connecting platform so that they offer complete functionality and reliability.

At M.I.P. we combine our experience with highly qualified engineers to provide optimal solutions, both with standard equipment and tailor-made processes.

Palamatic Process is a leading manufacturer and system integrator for the bulk materials and powder processing industries. Together with Palamatic Process, we aim to provide customized solutions for bulk materials and powder handling and storage in various industries, including food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental & minerals, nuclear and water treatment.

Richard Gommers

Industry & agriculture
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GRP silos

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