Project: Ebema


We supplied a complete turnkey silo and tank installation for a loyal customer in Belgium. We let the customer speak:

"The photo shows part of our new factory. This technically advanced factory produces concrete paving blocks of the highest quality. The yellow silos contain various types of cement and fillers that are needed to make quality concrete for this factory. Below these cement silos are located 3 tanks of 120 m³ for the storage of rainwater and 2 smaller tanks of 48 m³ equipped with agitators for the storage of waste water from the washing installations of this new factory. This is how we create a sustainable water circle without waste flows. is collected in the 3 buffer tanks and is used to make concrete and feed the washing installations.The waste water from the washing installations is pre-separated to remove the coarse sand fractions, and is then stored in the smaller buffer tanks with agitators to prevent settling If our existing water treatment plant has sufficient capacity left, it will become wastewater is further pumped to our water treatment plant and we will use this water again to make concrete, feed washing installations and so the circle is complete".

Richard Gommers

Industry & agriculture
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