Wood Pellet Silo

Münsterland (GE)

Project Döpik

Döpik Energietechnik GmbH from Stadtlohn, located in the Borken district (Münsterland), has planned, sold and commissioned a new environmental wood pellet heating system in the Rhineland.

For this purpose, M.I.P. supplied a wood pellet silo to store the fuel for the pellet heating, which was installed to generate heat in the greenhouses and the buildings.

The M.I.P. GRP silo, 50m³ - diameter: 2800 mm, was equipped with a radar probe in order to be able to continuously read the fill level of the silo and to be able to automatically trigger the reordering of the wood pellets.

Another great contribution to environmental protection, together with Döpik-Energietechnik GmbH and M.I.P. Group.

Richard Gommers

Industry & agriculture
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