M.I.P. supplies salt silo to Dutch municipality

Zwijndrecht (NL)

The municipality of Zwijndrecht (NL) had plans for years to place a road salt silo at the Gemeentewerf on the Middellijn in Zwijndrecht. A package of requirements was submitted from the Welstand, because the silo would be located in a visible place.

M.I.P. was approached for their expertise regarding the possibilities for the silo and the wishes of Welstand. After a few brainstorming sessions with the municipality and welfare, a plan was finally put on the table, which, with some adjustments, was finally implemented in 2019.

Now there is a beautiful building in which a de-icing salt silo of 140m³ - Ø 4,000mm in diameter on a trestle construction is covered on all sides with expanded metal. This creates an open building, because you can see the horizon and the silo through it. A plateau has been placed on top of the silo, giving you a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Richard Gommers

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