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Meulebeke (BE)
Cement and lime

Over the past year and a half, M.I.P. supplied at Casteleyn T.R.S. in Meulebeke 4 composite silos for the storage of lime and cement; raw materials for their lime & Benor concrete plant.

Casteleyn has been active in construction for 35 years. In the past mainly in utilities, but in the last decade also increasingly in road construction, sewerage works and the construction of all kinds of constructions for both private and public clients. For the realization of many of these projects, Casteleyn uses raw materials such as lime and concrete, which are produced in their own power stations.

Lime plant

In the summer of 2021, M.I.P. delivered 2 composite silos for the lime storage of the Casteleyn lime plant. The lime is mainly used for processing building materials (raw materials with a code between 311 and 911) so that they can be given a second life as a foundation under building boards or as a supplement to sewerage works. The composite or Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) silos fully met expectations.

Concrete plant

When Casteleyn decided to install a new Benor concrete plant in the summer of 2022, contact with M.I.P. quickly laid. Partly because we had already proven in the past that we can handle short delivery times. M.I.P. received the order for the delivery of 2 additional composite silos for the cement storage of the Benor concrete plant.

This power station, which will be commissioned at the end of October 2022, will be able to supply construction products bearing the Benor CE certificate. This label gives the customer assurance that the products have undergone a thorough, internal quality control, under the supervision of an independent, external certification organisation.

Silo technology

Each of the 4 silos is 12 meters high, has a diameter of 3 meters and a capacity of 55 m³. For safety reasons, each silo is equipped with an over-/underpressure valve. The screw conveyors and valves for conveying the minerals were supplied by Bulk Processing Systems from Willebroek (Belgium). The silos have been raised with a base to give the screw conveyors the correct angle of inclination for a problem-free outflow. The circular platform can be reached safely via a cage ladder.


Casteleyn consciously chose GRP because this construction material minimizes the risk of condensation forming in the silos. This is essential when storing moisture sensitive products such as cement that may harden otherwise. The seamless, smooth silo walls in combination with the aeration systems in the funnels also guarantee an optimal flow pattern. Another reason for Casteleyn to go for composite is the color fastness of the coating on the silos. The silos are provided with a resin-rich, colored, UV-resistant coating with the customer's logo on it.

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