Salt & brine storage tanks

A smooth winter service requires a well-equipped salt or brine infrastructure. Together with exclusive partner Holten, M.I.P. has developed an integral and fully automated brine installation solution where gritters can be loaded quickly and easily.

M.I.P. and Holten have unique know-how with regard to salt silos, brine storage tanks & salt dissolvers for brine installations.

The installation consists of 3 important components:

The great advantage that this installation offers is that the spreader can refuel directly at this brine tank. If there is an excess, the remaining brine flows into a brine supply tank. In short: a fast, efficient and flexible way of working.

In addition, the turn-key brine system is:

  • Can be used immediately
  • Easy to operate – with automatic salt concentration control
  • Independent of brine suppliers – as you make your own brine
  • Very easy to use – comparable to refueling
  • Cost effective – homemade brine is half the price

Of course it is also possible to order these 3 components separately or can they be used perfectly in your existing installation.

Customized brine installation?

Are you looking for an integrated and fully automated brine installation? Or would you like to integrate one of the 3 components into your existing installation? At M.I.P. all storage systems are custom built for the customer. Our team guarantees fast delivery and guides every project from design and engineering to delivery and installation.


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