Functional silos for road salt

Snow and ice can sometimes strike unexpectedly. Good preparation is essential to keep the roads safe and passable. At M.I.P. we understand the urgency of safe roads during the winter season and so we would like to remind you that now is the perfect time to contact us for brine production tanks, brine storage tanks or sustainable road salt storage.

Recently, M.I.P. delivered an impressive 48m³ silo to a service provider of a municipality in Belgium. This silo, with a diameter of 3,000 mm, stands on a sturdy trestle of 3,500 x 4,000 mm and is specially designed for the storage of road salt.

What makes this silo so unique is the functionality it offers. With a handy tilt flap and telescopic sleeve, the user can easily operate the tilt flap and lower and raise the telescopic sleeve from the ground. This ensures dust-free filling of the gritter, which saves time and effort.

To measure the level of road salt in the silo, we have implemented a simple and cost-effective solution. A manual level measurement with a float makes it possible to read the level via markings on the float cord. In addition, three color stickers (red-yellow-green) are attached to the vent tube, making it quick and easy to check the level. This system is not only effective, but also very affordable.

At M.I.P. we understand our customers when it comes to reliable and efficient road salt storage solutions. Our silos are designed with durability, ease of use and safety in mind, so your road salt is always ready to use, whatever the weather.

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