Storage of beer raw materials and brewing installations

  • Specific migration tests
  • Mirror-smooth inner walls
  • Less condensation


Belgian beers are known all over the world for their refined flavors and huge variety. To achieve these refined flavours, it is extremely important that the raw materials for the beer are properly protected.

Beer components such as malt, yeast and hops can spoil through natural processes such as condensation and thus strongly influence the quality and taste of the beer.

Beer tanks in composite

M.I.P. is an experienced producer of tanks & silos in composite or glass fiber reinforced plastic for breweries or distilleries.

Why do we only use composite? Plastic or composite is the most commonly used and suitable material to build safe and durable storage systems. Due to their high thermal insulation value, the storage systems are resistant to all weather conditions and natural phenomena such as condensation that can damage raw materials. Due to its high-tech production process, M.I.P. able to construct silos without seams, with an extremely smooth inner wall. This is ideal for the storage of beer raw materials.

Our beer tanks also offer the right chemical resistance and are always corrosion resistant.

Custom-made malt silo with mixing installation Composite silo with high thermal insulation
Beer tank Brewery tank
Silos & tanks for breweries Storage tank beer
Beer storage tank with logo Beer tanks

In addition to the storage of beer raw materials, our tanks & silos can also be used for the storage of waste and rinse water.

Do you want to optimally integrate the storage of your raw materials into your brewing process? In close cooperation with our partners, we can also provide a user-friendly transport system. This is fully tailored to your specific situation. 

Optionally, the silos can also be expanded with a mixing installation for the composition of malt mixtures. Dosage is, of course, continuously monitored.

Integrated brewing installations

In short: with the integrated beer brewing process of M.I.P., you gain in efficiency, profitability and hygiene without this being at the expense of tradition & craftsmanship. Curious what we can do for you?


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