Mission & vision


M.I.P. is the specialist in solutions for the safe, sustainable and efficient bulk storage of complex liquids and moisture sensitive solids. 

As an independent, financially sound family business, we aim to help customers make the right choices for storing their valuable materials. We have the expertise in house for the right selection of tank and silo materials, and understand the needs of your sector to be able to advise about accessories such as for filling, venting, emptying and cleaning. Naturally, we are acquainted with the relevant regulations for the environment, chemical products and explosion protection.

We create bespoke solutions, as well as complete turnkey projects for our customers from planning and design through to final completion and commissioning.

We aim towards continually improving our business and want to be a pleasant, reliable business partner for our customers. M.I.P. devotes attention to the welfare of its employees, the public and the environment.


Our vision is reflected in the M.I.P. rocket ship. This is the condensed summary of more than 1 year of thinking with customers, suppliers and employees about the vision/strategy and roadmap (plan for the coming years) of the M.I.P. group.

Our goal is to be the European market leader in the growing market of composite tanks and silos in 10 years' time; the most sustainable storage systems.

The M.I.P. rocket is constructed as follows:

Advanced composites

M.I.P. is continuously improving its composites; think about:

  • Styrene-free resins
  • Bio-based resins
  • PED Resins
  • Printing composite

Durable products

M.I.P. wants to continue to use advanced composite technologies for the next 10 years to focus on highly sustainable tanks and silos. The current composite tanks and silos of M.I.P. have a guaranteed lifespan of at least 23 years. In our roadmap we aim for the following goals:

  • CSR performance ladder certification
  • CO2 performance ladder certification
  • Achieve ISO14001 certification
  • LCA certification
  • Cradle to Cradle Certification
  • Recycling of composites

Sustainable production

M.I.P. will build a new energy-neutral factory in Moerdijk in 2020, specifically aimed at the production of large tanks and silos. In this factory, silos and tanks can be produced with a diameter of 3 to 14 meters with a volume of up to 3000 m³.

The factory will be built energy-neutral with solar panels, a large WTW installation and underfloor heating, fed by heat pumps that will extract their heat from the ground.

The molds and composite laminates are heated using infrared techniques, which is currently one of the most advanced and sustainable ways of heating.

Intelligent manufacturing & factory of the future

This means complying with Industry 4.0. In the coming years, we will continue to focus on:

  • WCM (World Class Manufacturing & Lean)
  • Digital factory (all document flows digitally)
  • Autonomous teams
  • Robotization and further automation
  • Human Centered Production (Sharing knowledge with other companies)
  • Flexible production and products (adjustable molds and versatile smart operators)

Excellent customer experience

The above should lead to the highest service for our customers. Best quality products, delivered “just in time” at the right price.

M.I.P. With the new factory in Moerdijk, it has the largest capacity in numbers and volumes in all of Europe and can handle large and complex turnkey projects in a relatively short period of time.

Our rocket is powered by 2 strong engines:

  1. Keep a close eye on advanced techniques and developments and apply them where possible; However,
  2. The most important engine is and remains our team of enthusiastic employees who are happy to contribute to the necessary adjustments in our organization.

The M.I.P. rocket takes off. Are you traveling with us?

Your partner in composite storage systems

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