On-site tank assembly

Another choice for M.I.P. Tanks!

A leading company in the potato processing industry, specialising in frozen potato products such as chips and potato snacks, is known for its innovative approach to product development and sustainable production processes.

Why did they choose a tank from M.I.P.?

This company was already using an M.I.P. composite tank and a stainless steel tank to store the same product. However, they noticed that the stainless steel tank was affected by mycobacteria, while the M.I.P. tank did not have this problem. Composite thus proved better suited for their storage needs. As they needed another tank for safe and reliable storage, they again chose M.I.P.


  • Size: about 690 cubic metres
  • Diameter: about 9.20 metres

As the customer was not located on the waterfront, we assembled the tank on site. The cylinder was delivered in parts, having been prefabricated at our Moerdijk plant.

With our innovative and efficient approach, we were able to provide this customer with the optimal storage solution, even at a location without water transport facilities. 

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