ISO-9001-2015 & VCA** certified by Kiwa

  • Within M.I.P. we work when we have to make decisions according to the 1/2/3 principle. Every employee of ours can dream of this.

    1. Safety
    2. Quality
    3. Delivery reliability

    When we have to make decisions, we always act according to this order of priority. To safeguard these matters, M.I.P. is ISO-9001-2015 and VCA** certified by Kiwa. This year, too, our team successfully passed the audits.

    This is worthy of congratulations to our team.

    What exactly does this audit entail? During an audit, the presence of inspections of the work materials such as electrical appliances and lifting equipment is checked. The use and presence of personal protective equipment (PPE) is also closely monitored.

    In addition, the audit looks at, among other things, (internal) training of the employees (does everyone have the correct documents for the work they perform) and inspection of the workplaces.

    Another part concerns how a HSE plan is drawn up and whether it is also being followed up. To this end, Kiwa made an unexpected site visit to a customer where our technicians were working.

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