Employee speaking

Why is it so nice to work at M.I.P.? We asked one of our longest-serving colleagues: Jan Willems.

Jan started his career as a construction electrician until his father-in-law asked him to join M.I.P. to come to work in 1989.

He started as a laborer on the hats & bottoms, then switched to the wrapping bench with short trips to the welding department. He has even been a truck driver at M.I.P. He subsequently became the foreman of the wrapping department and - thanks to his many years of experience - he has always been jointly responsible for the training of the other foremen.

In 2017, he was finally asked by the management to lead the new factory of M.I.P. as Production Team Leader. in Moerdijk where he still works today.

"Because of the knowledge I've gained at M.I.P., they won't let me leave."

Thanks for all the years of loyal service so far Jan! Hopefully there will be many more to come

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