Tanks for wet by-products

Wet by-products can no longer be ignored from the cattle farm’s ration. With wet by-products, it is crucial to retain the quality and nutritional value of the storage. Furthermore, the tanks must be resistant to the chemical aggressivity of certain products.

M.I.P.’s tanks for wet by-products are specially developed to meet those specific requirements regarding storage. The tanks are made from glass fibre reinforced plastic so that they are not liable to rusting and are chemically resistant. In addition to this, the mirror smooth inner walls are very easy to clean. The tanks can be supplied with a flat bottom (PMV), on a long skirt with convex bottom (PML) and on a short skirt with convex bottom (PMK).

Standard version 

  • Diameter of 2800/3000 mm
  • On skirt
  • Capacity 30/40/50/60/70 m³
  • Vertical positioning
  • Small door in skirt and oval inspection hatch in the shell
  • Runoff height 450 or 750 mm beneath runoff
  • Pouring weight of 1,000 kg/m³
  • Maximum pouring temperature 50 °C
  • Maximum acidity up to pH 4
  • Brass 6” shut-off valve under silo with slide rod operation
  • PVC Ø 160 mm venting pipe
  • Transparent with measurement strips every 5 m³
  • White roof
  • Inspection hatch on roof
  • With hoisting arrangements


  • Stainless steel agitator
  • Plastic control box with switching clock and soft starter for agitator
  • Filler point with brass 6” shut-off valve with bend and 4” VK tanker coupling with cap

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