Fertiliser silos

Our fertiliser silos are supplied in various sizes and versions. As standard, they are fully finished in a UV resistant white top coating in order to conserve the quality of the fertilisers. They can be equipped with an Easy-Flow for optimum outflow of the product and a stainless steel drawoff valve.

The silos have a standard drawoff height of 200 cm and are available with a standard inclined underframe, on curved legs or with cradle support, so that the fertiliser spreader is able to drive underneath easily.

Standard version

  • Top injection system
  • Galvanised inclined legs, curved legs or cradle support
  • Stainless steel Ø 315 mm drawoff valve
  • Galvanised steel Ø 102 mm flanged injection pipe
  • PVC Ø 160 mm venting pipe
  • Located and anchored using drilled anchors
  • Calculated to pouring weight 1,100 kg/m³
  • Diameter 2,500 mm
  • Height clearance 2,000 mm
  • Completely white topcoat


  • Easy-Flow, for optimum outflow of the product (lowers the outflow height by 100 mm)
  • Manganese reinforced injection bend (galvanised)
  • Inspection hatch on roof
  • Different colour and/or warning stripes
  • Larger content capacities on request
  • All bolts in stainless steel
  • 50 litre dosing unit straight (PVC tube dia 300 mm and stainless steel slide, including fixings)
  • 50 litre dosing unit with bend (PVC tube dia 300 mm and stainless steel slide, including fixings)

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