Dual-purpose silos

Our dual-purpose silo gives the cattle farmer maximum usage possibilities. The silos can be used for both dry and liquid products and are particularly convenient for farms that have a varying availability of by-products originating from the foodstuff industry.

To fill the feed mix truck easily the silo is mounted on a raised galvanised steel underframe. The dry feed is then easy to pour and the liquid product can be drawn off trouble-free via the hoistable free outflow. The dual-purpose silo therefore reduces the investment risk and in addition gives extra flexibility.

Standard version: 

  • Diameter 2,800 and 3,000 mm
  • Capacity 40/50/60 m³
  • Pouring weight 1,100 kg/m³
  • Maximum temperature 50 °C
  • Filling point, stainless steel shut-off valve with 4” VK100 tanker coupling with cap
  • Stainless steel agitator with 4.0 kW motor reducer. Shaft made from thick-walled box profile 80 x 80 x 4 mm with universal joint. Bearing block mounted on stainless 6 mm steel plate to runoff. Two agitator fins, Ø 900 mm and Ø 1,400 mm respectively.
  • GFRP oval inspection hatch in the cylinder wall
  • Drawoff pipe for mixer truck Ø 160 mm, winchable off the ground by means of a small hand winch. The drawoff is equipped with a coated steel slide shut-off valve with a stainless steel blade, which can be operated from the ground using a hand wheel. Drawoff height 3,500 mm.
  • PVC Ø 160 venting line up to 1,600 mm off the ground.
  • Thermally galvanised steel underframe on short skirt, runoff height approximately 2,500 mm
  • Semi-transparent roof, white RAL9010.
  • Plastic control box with soft starter for agitator available for an additional cost.


  • Converting the silo for storing dry feed.



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