Animal feed silos

M.I.P. animal feed silos are suitable for storing mixed feed, wheat, barley, corn, soya and other dry products. Our silos are made in one piece. The flanged top filler ensures uniform filling and, thanks to the mirror smooth inner wall, optimum outflow of both granular and flour products.

M.I.P. silos are available in numerous versions with chute, with exterior drawoff, for feed systems or on a cradle structure. M.I.P. can also supply all the silo-related components such as augers, pipework and measuring and regulating systems. For poorly running products, tailor-made solutions are possible.

Standard version:

  • Top injection system with galvanised Ø 102 mm flanged injection line
  • Semi-transparent
  • Diameter 1900/2200/2500/2800/3000/3500 mm
  • Capacity 4 up to 100 m³
  • Pouring weight 700 kg/m³
  • Galvanised support on legs
  • PVC Ø 160 mm venting pipe
  • On skirt support so that bolts no longer show in the silo


  • Easy-Flow, for optimum outflow of the product (lowers outflow height by 100 mm)
  • Galvanised or stainless steel Ø 315 mm drawoff valve with runoff
  • Pouring weight 900/1200 kg/m³
  • Extendable legs
  • Inspection hatch on roof
  • Hopper inspection hatch
  • Cyclovent on roof
  • 700 radius filler bend reinforced with U-profile
  • Nuts and bolts in stainless steel
  • Also available on cradle structures, passing width and height on request

Also made with an eccentric cone

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