Sustainable products from a sustainable factory

Part of our 2030 vision is "Sustainable products from a sustainable factory".

Our factory in Moerdijk is a good example of this. Below are a number of concrete, sustainable items that we find in our factory.

  • The heat from the underfloor heating enters the hall via air heat pumps
  • During the production process, we extract air using frequency-controlled motors which will blow out clean again. This is done according to need
  • The warm air is recovered by means of a special AL-KO Kantherm installation. As a result, 90% efficiency is achieved and there is only 10% heat loss
  • We have 2 frequency-controlled compressors that are switched and scale up as needed
  • The steam from the factory is largely provided with solar panels on the roof

All together we are on the way to a more sustainable world, will you join the world of M.I.P.?

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