M.I.P. Rijkevorsel undergoes metamorphosis

In September we started a major renovation plan for the factory in Rijkevorsel. The goal is to have this completely finished by the end of 2022. M.I.P. wants to completely renovate the factory in Rijkevorsel to keep it state of the art. The major renovation is part of the roadmap that is part of our vision until 2030.

Below is a selection of the actions that are currently being carried out:

✓ New overhead roller doors

✓ Facades cleaned and renewed

✓ Achieve production reclassification (LEAN)

✓ LED lighting

✓ New floors in production

✓ New canteens and sanitary facilities

✓ Walls and steel columns are painted

✓ New wrapping benches

✓ New molds and adjustable molds

✓ New compressors and compressed air lines

✓ Electricity renovation

✓ Heat recovery systems

✓ New extraction system

✓Air Purifier

✓Foam Fire Extinguishing System

✓ High and low vacuum dust extraction systems

✓ Full 5S (LEAN) implementation

The M.I.P. The factory in Rijkevorsel, with its 42,000 m², is one of the largest composite silo and tank factories in Europe. More than 3000 tanks and silos leave the factory every year. Every day about 100 people work from this factory on your quality product.

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