2 composite silos for the storage of glass sand

Our composite storage systems also offer a solution for storage of abrasive dry products such as (glass) sand.

In Germany - through our partner Hirl - we supplied 2 composite silos with a volume of 200 m³ and a diameter of 4 meters for the storage of glass sand. The glass sand is used as a raw material for making solar panels.

The silos made of iso-resin were made in our factory in Rijkevorsel (B) and offer a storage capacity of no less than 320 tons. The funnel of the silos was provided with a wear-resistant layer consisting of 15% SiC (silicon carbide). Furthermore, the silos were fitted with bucket elevators to automate the filling process. That is why we also attached 3 UPN rings to absorb the wind loads from the elevator to the silo.

The silos were installed in a quarry, where the glass sand is excavated. These are then automatically filled via the provided elevators.

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