Flat bottom tank for flushing water

Flat bottom tanks made from polyester are highly suitable for storing flushing water because they are resistant to the specific chemical properties of leached caustic. M.I.P. flushing water tanks are suitable for flushing water with residues of sulphuric acid, ammonium sulphate, nitrate and nitrite. The density is calculated on products with an average specific gravity of up to 1,200 kg/m³.

Every flat bottom tank for flushing water is given a high-resin, semi-transparent, UV resistant top coating. The roof of the flushing water tank is through-coloured white as standard (RAL9010), but you can also opt for a different RAL colour or for instance have your log printed on.

Standard version

  • Flat bottom tank suitable for storing flushing water with residues of 0.5 % sulphuric acid and 30 % ammonium sulphate
  • Diameter 2500/2800/3000/3500 mm
  • Capacity from 20 to 100 m³
  • PVC Ø 40 mm filler pipe, PN10, along the wall running downwards
  • Drawoff DN150 with plastic butterfly valve and 6” galvanised tanker coupling
  • Inspection hatch on roof and Ø 160 mm vent down to 1,500 mm off the ground
  • Designed for atmospheric process pressure
  • Roof colour white
  • Thermal galvanised hoisting and hoisting guide eyes
  • Anchor supports with drilled anchors
  • EPDM gaskets


  • Stainless steel tanker coupling


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