Flat bottom silo for poorly running products

M.I.P. has developed the flat bottom silo especially for poorly running products. The silo is equipped with an extraction system with a forced sweep auger so that no product segregation can occur and continuous product outflow is ensured. Fewer fluctuations can therefore arise in the product composition.

In addition, the sweep auger ensures that older feed at the bottom of the silo does not get the chance to accumulate. Feed that goes into the silo first is thus the first to go out.

Standard version

  • Galvanised inspection hatch
  • Flat polyester bottom on a galvanised steel 4-leg underframe
  • Extraction system with forced sweep auger, Ø 150 mm, capacity 6 tons/hour
  • Underside of Ø 150 mm discharge auger is 550 mm
  • Motor reducer drive 380 Volt for extractor system
  • Motor reducer must be started with soft starter (not included in price)
  • Extractor system and discharge auger are driven by a motor reducer and go to the outer rim of the silo
  • Suitable for pouring weight 700 kg/m³
  • Diameter 2,800/3,500 mm
  • Semi-transparent with white roof
  • Galvanised Ø 102 mm top injection pipe with reinforced gradual bend
  • PVC Ø 160 mm venting pipe to ± 1,500 mm above concrete foundation
  • Anchored by means of drilled anchors
  • With guided eyes

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