Tanks and silos for environmental applications

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M.I.P. is the specialist in storage systems and has great experience in (waste) water treatment, air-conditioning and flue gas scrubbing.

Our tanks and silos are used for, among other things, storing additives like iron chloride, caustic soda and hydrochloric acid. But also for storing and processing light and heavily polluted industrial wastewater.

Our tanks are used, for, among other things, Polytec biofilters. These are biological deodorising towers used particularly in sludge drying installations. M.I.P. tanks are further used for scrubbers/gas washers and lava filters. Lastly, we also supply tubing materials for canopies, smoke ducting, piping or chimneys.

A special task is processing manure and other biological waste and wastewater. These mainly acidic substances require the chemical resistance of composite.