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Our salt dissolvers are specially designed to convert NaCl or road salt with water into brine. The salt is poured into a hopper through which water is pumped to create brine. The brine is stored down below in the tank via an overflow pipe.

The brine is regularly turned at variable intervals to keep the solution in a stable concentration. The salt content is measured continually while the brine is being made and adjusted as necessary until the preset concentration is reached.

M.I.P. offers three salt dissolvers:

  • The MiniSol for small local authorities or for businesses with a capacity of 2,500 litres per hour.
  • The MultiSol for a continuous brine production and drawoff with a capacity of 2,500 to 10,000 litres per hour.
  • The MaxiSol with integrated salt storage and high drawoff capacity with a capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 litres per hour.


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The MultiSol is a salt dissolver, which is suitable for continuous brine production and the drawoff of large quantities of brine. Thanks to a maximum brine stock of 20 m³ and production variable from 2,500 to 10,000 litres per hour, even the smallest unexpected cold snap can be tackled quickly and efficiently. The MultiSol is a compact appliance despite its large production capacity and maximum salt stock of 6 m³. The salt can be loaded from above through the lid using a scoop crane, a bucket loader or conveyor belt. It is also possible to couple a salt silo onto the appliance. The salt is dissolved by water flowing through it. The brine this creates has a salt concentration of 20 to 22 %. The brine runs through an overflow in the salt hopper into the stock reservoir beneath it. Two diaphragm shut-off valves regulate the dissolving and diluting water. The dissolving process proceeds fully automatically. The content of the storage vessel is measured continually and it switches itself on or off at the maximum or minimum level. The brine can be pumped direct to the gritters. After gritting, any excess brine can be pumped back into the storage tank.
Max. brine stock 20 m3
Max. salt stock 6 m3
Filling With scoop crane through lid from above or coupled to salt silo
Brine production From 2500 to 10000 litres/hour
Application Continuous brine production
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The MiniSol is ou small salt disolver and has a maximum salt stock of 0.5 m³. The spreading salt can be filled from the top through a lid manually from sacks or using a scoop crane. The salt dissolves automatically as soon as the water pump starts. The MiniSol has a maximum brine stock of 5 m³ with a concentration of 20 % salt. This mixture is made into 0.5 tons of spreading salt and 2250 litres of water. The brine is continually turned in order to keep the stock stable. The brine can be filled manually with a dispenser like fuel at the garage pump. After gritting, any excess brine can be pumped back into the storage tank.
Max. brine stock 5 m3
Max. salt stock 0.5 m3
Filling With scoop crane or manually from sacks through lid from above
Brine production 2500 liter/hour
Application Small quantities of brine
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The MaxiSol has the same specifications as the MultiSol salt dissolver, but can be expanded with a bigger salt stockreservoir, from 25 to 50 m³. With this salt dissolver, the salt is blown through a filler line from the lorry straight into the salt storage. The MaxiSol is the ideal standalone brine installation in places where there is no space for an extra salt silo or a salt hall.
Max. brine stock 20 m3
Max. salt stock 50 m3
Filling Through filler line with tanker coupling
Brine production From 5000 to 10000 litres/hour
Application Continuous brine production with integrated salt storage
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