27 November 20

Conical storage tank of 120m³

For a client in the drinking water supply sector, M.I.P. supplied a conical storage tank of 120m³ with a diameter of 4 metres (support on GRP skirt) for the storage of calcareous sludge. The ferrous drinking water sludge captures the H2S released during fermentation processes and thus ensures that there is no odour nuisance towards […]

24 October 20

M.I.P. supplies tanks for company in waste processing industry

For the chemical industry M.I.P. makes corrosion resistant storage systems. Composite is the best material for storage and process tanks. Our tanks are used in the cleaning industry, chlorine industry, fertilizer industry and other chemical industries. Think of the storage of hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, caustic soda, bleach lye, chloride, bromide, sulphates, phosphates, etc… Composite […]

21 October 20

Project Innoporc

M.I.P. supplied 7 composite silos for the dry products and 6 tanks for the liquid products to a pig farmer in West Flanders who incorporates residual products from the food industry in his pig feed. M.I.P. has been supplying agricultural silos for dry feed to livestock farms throughout Europe for over thirty years and has […]

21 October 20

Project Pomuni

For one of its clients in the potato processing sector, M.I.P. supplied 2 composite tanks of 250m³ each. The tanks have a diameter of 5 meters and are suitable for the storage of rinse water. Because of the exceptional diameter it was quite a job to get these tanks on site. On the pictures you […]

03 October 20

Silo for brewery in France

M.I.P. recently delivered a silo in composite for a brewery in the southwest of France. The brewery will use the silo for the storage of malt. The silo has a diameter of 2800 mm and a capacity of 50m³ and is equipped with a filter, a level measurement, explosion panels and weighing cells. M.I.P. is […]

18 September 20

Plastic granulate silo supplied by M.I.P.

Sometimes we face considerable challenges when the customer needs storage in a silo, but the space is very limited. For this project we had to face the same challenge, which we did not shy away from. It resulted in a silo on a frame, where the legs were placed in such a way that everything […]

29 August 20

Together we defeat the Coronavirus!

M.I.P. is even stricter with the recent developments of the Corona figures to ensure that the elementary agreements on hygiene (frequent hand washing and disinfection), social distancing (min. 1,5m) and wearing mouth masks are respected.  M.I.P. continues to closely monitor the situation in order to guarantee the safety and health of its employees. Together we […]

29 August 20

Project Normandy

M.I.P. has delivered two new composite tanks with a diameter of Ø 3.500mm and a capacity of 65m³ to Oril Industrie in Normandy. They were delivered for a wastewater process. Oril Industrie has a production site in petrochemistry. The composite tanks were purchased to replace HDPE tanks. A first tank was already installed in 2019 […]

18 July 20

Summer Closure

During the summer holidays our offices will be closed from Monday the 20th of July 2020 until Friday the 31st of July 2020. Starting from Monday the 3rd of August 2020, we will be at your disposal again.

19 June 20

M.I.P. delivers to animal candy manufacturer

For an animal candy manufacturer in Hoogeveen, M.I.P. was commissioned to produce 3 nutritionally suitable 50m³ – Ø 2,800mm silos for the storage of wheat flour. Due to the nutritional suitability of these 3 11m³ high silos, the customer was prepared for the government to tighten the rules for the storage of products intended for […]