PRODUCTION of GRP storage systems

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M.I.P. has 42,000 square metres of production space for GRP storage systems equipped with a reliable, modern machine park. M.I.P.’s employees form a passionate, complete team of advisors, engineers and dedicated production employees.

Because M.I.P. aims for the greatest possible flexibility, we also make our own moulds. This means scarcely any restrictions on the size and diameters of our silos and tanks. M.I.P. is able to handle volumes exceeding 700 m³ and diameters up to 9,000 mm.

All our tanks and silos are made by continuous filament winding with which the glass fibres are continually wound over a steel mould while being laminated. The result is a seamless, strong storage system with a mirror-smooth inner wall.

Accessories and attachments are laminated as much as possible to the wall of the silo or tank to ensure a seamless transition. Then the underframe is attached, where necessary.

Expert project leaders monitor each step of the production process, from fresh design through to finished product. They also talk with the customer about any desired changes in order to respond to the optimum to the needs of the application.