Silos for building materials

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Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) silos from M.I.P. are highly suitable for storing building materials. For products like cement, chalk and fly ash, it is essential that they stay dry and thus do not harden.

Because GRP silos for building materials have a high insulation value, they are almost insensitive to condensation. Combined with a seamless, mirror-smooth inner wall, that property guarantees a trouble-free, smooth product outflow. Where necessary, extra measures are taken to dehumidify the stored raw materials more.

An additional advantage of our GRP cement silos is that they have a light weight, so that they are very suitable for mobile concrete plants. The silos can be mounted on a low or high steel structure and are available with a capacity of 10 to 250 m³.

M.I.P. silos can be made with a wear resistant inner layer for the storage of such abrasive substances as sand, gravel and minerals.