Corrosion resistant storage systems for the chemical industry

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M.I.P. manufactures Corrosion resistant storage systems for the chemical industry. Glass fibre reinforced plastic is therefore the perfect material for storage and process tanks.

Our tanks are used in, among others, the cleaning products industry, chlorine industry, fertilizer industry and other chemical industries. Especially for storing and processing the following raw materials:

  • Hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and citric acid
  • Caustic soda and bleach (hypochlorite)
  • Chloride, bromide and fluoride salts, such as sodium chloride and iron (III) chloride
  • Sulphates, sulphites and phosphates

If these substances are not being stored, rather being used as cleaning agent and disinfectant, GRP provides the right chemical resistance. Depending on this, we use either a special resin or GRP inner layer (liner).

Thanks to its many years’ experience and knowledge, M.I.P. is the appropriate partner to advise you about the right resins and glass fibres for a specific application or product.

For particular applications, we use the research facilities and technical expertise of resin producer Aliancys.