Smooth-running winter servicing demands a well equipped salting or brining infrastructure. Together with sister company Wintermantel GmbH, M.I.P. has developed an integral, fully automated brining installation for this, with which gritters are able to be loaded rapidly and easily.

The installation consists of three components: a salt silo, a salt dissolver and a brine storage tank. Dry salt is stored in the salt silo. When desired, the salt is pumped to the salt dissolver where it mixes with water to form brine.

The gritter can fill up directly at this brining vessel. Any remaining excess brine flows into a brine storage tank. The integrated system represents a fast, efficient and flexible way of working.

Naturally, the salt silo, salt dissolver and the extra storage tank can also be ordered separately and are fine for integrating in existing installations.

The M.I.P. turnkey brining system has clear advantages for winter servicing:

  • Deployable immediately.
  • Ease to operate, with automatic control of salt concentration.
  • Independence from brine suppliers because you make the brine yourself.
  • Substantial cost saving because the brine is as much as half the cost.
  • Very user-friendly, comparable with filling up a vehicle with fuel.


With its sister company Wintermantel GmbH, M.I.P. is market leader in Germany for winter servicing installations. M.I.P. and Wintermantel possess unique knowhow about salt silos, brine storage tanks and salt dissolvers for brining installations.