M.I.P. guarantees high-quality finished products. For maintenance and inspection too, M.I.P. remains your faithful partner.

The service life of composite silos and tanks is very long, certainly if well maintained. M.I.P. can advise you about this and support you with inspections, preventive maintenance and skilled repairs.

Repairing composite tanks and silos requires the requisite expertise. M.I.P. has the right professionals in service, in order, if necessary, to take rapid action to enable your production processes to continue quickly and efficiently.

M.I.P. can also perform renovations and alterations in the silo or tank. This can be done relatively quickly, without using naked flame: one of the many advantages of composite silos and tanks.

For our winter servicing division, we also offer service contracts with which our specialist service teams carry out major maintenance of the complete installation annually.