M.I.P._nv-tanks_en silos-GVK-polyester-certificering-WHG-Zertifikat

M.I.P. has obtained the WHG certificate for its activities in Germany. This proves that, according to TÜV NORD, M.I.P is an expert in producing tanks for storing hazardous products.

As a modern high-tech company, M.I.P. attaches great importance to the environment. We continually monitor and evaluate the impact of our activities on the environment. This enables us to develop dedicated applications to make our products environmentally friendly.

TÜV NORD has now rewarded us for our efforts with the WHG certificate. This certificate is comparable to the environmental standards laid down in VLAREM II in Belgium, although stricter. Specifically, it means that M.I.P tanks are suitable for storing a large quantity of risky products. In other words, our tanks guard the surroundings and the groundwater against possible environmental hazards.

‘This certificate is not given to just anyone without reason‘, says CEO Maikel Elst. ‘It is a true honour. We therefore bear this certificate with pride. Because of the environment, but also because it creates plenty of commercial opportunities as well. The fact is that Germany is an important growth market for us. Now we can offer our customers a product with which they themselves can comply with the strict German environmental legislation more easily.’